Agregated Link (3Com 4400)

AL1 is Aggregate Link number 1…. this is a process of “trunking” multiple ports together logically to create a trunk between switches.
This allows you to increase your bandwidth with little or no cost.

How to: on main or core switch, define AL1 as having 2 ports, lets say ports 1 and 2.
On downstream switch, also define AL1 (doesn’t matter if it is AL1 or 2,3,4) and include in it 2 ports on that switch, lets say ports 23 and 24.

Now connect port 1 –> 23 and port 2 –> 24
You now have 200meg (or 2 Gig) link for load balancing and redundancy.
If either port/connection drops you will still connect on the other link with no problems.

NOTE: it is best to set this up with the 2 switches DISCONNECTED from each other, avoids loops and such.


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